Pål Torgersen By Pål Torgersen • April 23, 2018

SYNQ will be attending Oslo Blockchain Day

SYNQ will be attending Oslo Blockchain Day tomorrow,  April 24th at DOGA (Design og arkitektur Norge). 
"One of the best blockchain conferences of the year" according to Business Insider. The conference is hosted by Blockchangers and they are expecting around 300 participants. 

We are looking forward to attending the different presentations and talks to get to know the blockchain community and the different companies working in the space. Especially looking forward to learn how blockchain can tie into our own service to solve challenges in the industry we are working in.

Maybe we will se some of you there?

Link to the event: https://www.blockchangers.com/oslo-blockchain-day-2018/

Image source: https://www.blockchangers.com/oslo-blockchain-day-2018/ 

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