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Lavo.tv - Social Video Network App For iOS and Android

Lavo.tv  is a social video network where instagram videos, user generated content, influencer TV, and interactive mobile tv is created. The company was founded in 2016 and they launched their application in March 2017, in collaboration with Viasat Broadcasting, a part of Modern Times Group.

Lavo_Cover_Lavo_Customercase_SYNQ_Video_API_Workflow_Automation_iOS_Android.pngLavo wanted to create a scalable social video network app for iOS and Android. Users and influencers could upload and share videos, respond to challenges, ask questions or interact with each others, all this through the power of videos. As a startup company launching a new product, Lavo were depending on strong video infrastructure, extensive support and help along the way to be able to reach their deadlines and launch a solid app in collaboration with “Paradise Hotel Norway”.

Lavo chose to use SYNQ as their video infrastructure and through our API they could easily implement seamless and automated video workflows. (Upload, transcode, playback and delivery of videos). They also used SYNQ’s thumbnail generator services to create gifs for the video content that was uploaded.

Automated workflows was a big part of the solutions for Lavo’s app. With an automated video workflow, Lavo was able to index and categorize all content that was generated, saving them a lot of time and manual work.

Lavo benefited from using our open source Android and iOS SDKs to implement the core video capabilities quickly with just a few lines of code.

lively_360_gif_video_api_lavo_automated_workflow_thumbail_synq_ios_android.gifParadise Hotel hostess Triana Iglesias challenging the Lavo users.

Lavo successfully launched their application on the 13th of March 2017, gaining a lot of users and engagement through their Paradise Hotel collaboration. The top 5 videos on Lavo has over 75.000 playbacks and 784 upvotes, seen and voted by the Lavo community. Here are some screenshots from some of the video challenges that are beeing created:

              Lavo_Challenge1_Customercase_SYNQ_Video_API_Workflow_Automation_iOS_Android.jpg               Lavo_Challenge1_Customercase_SYNQ_Video_API_Workflow_Automation_iOS_Android.jpg

“We are very happy with the support provided by the SYNQ team and the easy implementation of their video API. We were not only looking for a video service, but also a partner who could challenge and help us along the way, in able to create a scalable infrastructure and to achieve more effective and automated video workflows. SYNQ delivered on all these aspects and much more. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and evolving with SYNQ”.

Tom Roger Stokki, CEO, Lavo

“Tom Roger and Lavo approached us with unique and interesting idea. The whole SYNQ team was excited about the Lavo.tv app and how we could help them succeed with their idea. The result was impressive and Lavo has certainly hit a nerve when it comes to creating a social video network”. 

Stian Hauge, CEO, SYNQ

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