Ingest, more than just video

By Pål Torgersen • November 22, 2018

Having streamlined workflows for video import, transcoding, encryption, delivery and playback are important parts of any VOD service. The majority of transcoding solutions available support the most common import formats and containers and can produce more or less the same quality, formats and codecs for playback. These parts are important, but there are more pieces to the puzzle.

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Golang Microservice Starter Kit

By Bruce Wang • September 1, 2017

When I was tasked with building our new “v2” API service (codenamed “Aerico”), which will provide a more flexible Video JSON object, I was about to use the same “SYNQ scaffolding” from another repo (Hydra) when I decided to build a little Gosample app first.

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At SYNQ, we must always ensure our APIs are functioning as expected. Runscope is one of the core tools that we use for conducting actual tests against our APIs.

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